Friday, October 1, 2010

22. Giving inspires 30 steel city cradles

Jamshedpur, Oct 2 (The Telegraph): Steel city schools have been at the forefront of this year’s Joy of Giving Week initiated by XLRI, which started on September 26 and is slated to conclude tomorrow.

This year, 30 schools took part in the rite of giving — a sharp rise from last year — undertaking various activities such as helping the underprivileged, initiating eco-friendly schemes and teaching the illiterate. “We are really happy that so many schools participated in the Week,” said XLRI senior faculty Madhukar Shukla.

Even tots of pre-primary school Baug-E-Jamsheed made collages with messages for students of CHIC (Centre for Hearing-Impaired Children).

While DBMS students of Classes IV-VII collected school stationery and toys, those of Classes V-VI took the gifts for 125 underprivileged children of Lilliput School Domuhani at Sonari. “Our students were excited to be a part of this activity. We plan to continue, as it is nice to see underprivileged children smile,” said DBMS principal Rajani Shekhar

In a unique recycling initiative, students of Kerala Public School, Burmamines, collected leftover cloth pieces from tailors to cover books. Kerala Public School, NML, also recycled solid waste from school premises. Its Mango counterpart focused on a Clean Mango, Green Mango project, with students requesting shopkeepers to avoid plastic.

21. Joy of Giving Week @ Kerala Samajam Model School, Jamshedpur

As a part of the celebrations for the Joy of Giving Week: Jamshedpur JoyFest, students of Kerala Smajam Model School organised many activities. Joining the nation-wide initiative, they organised "Vastra-Samman" (to take contribution of wearable clothes, to reach them to the needy); they participated in "Ann-Daan"; they promoted recycling of waste by collecting the left-over clothes to cover books, and motivated "Go-Green" projects with healthy nutrition.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

20. "Serving those who serve us"

Through-out the year, they serve: they keep the place clean and green, they provide the safety, they help - which can range from a small errand to "tying saree :) to even giving advice...

Yesterday, students of XLRI decided to "serve those who serve them" - a small gesture to acknowledge the contribution of the labour who provide the backbone to Life @ XL.

They invited them all to the students' dining hall, and served them a nice, loving lunch... and thanked them for what they do for the XLRI community and place...

19. Tiny-Tots celebrate "Joy of Giving Week"

An earlier post had described how the tiny-tots are celebrating the "Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week 2010" at Baug-e-Jamshed

Here are some photographs of their Collage Making Day:

They made the collages themselves with the help of their teachers and then we went to the CHIC Centre (Centre for Hearing Impaired Children) and handed over these 'creations' which had the messages of PEACE, JOY, LOVE, HOPE and FAITH to the children of CHIC.

18. DBMS English School students celebrate ‘Joy of Giving week’

Oct 1, Jamshedpur (The Pioneer): Under the ‘Joy of Giving’ week programme, DBMS English School students of Class VI & VII visited the DBMS Lilliput School, Domuhani at Sonari (a school for underprivileged children) and distributed biscuits, pencils, erasers, toys, notebooks, school bags and tiffin boxes which were collected by them.

They conducted the games for these children and gave away the prizes. This was an attempt made to make a difference in their lives and to bring a few moments of happiness and joy to them. The duration of the programme was of two hours. Renu Arora, activity coordinator, accompanied the students.

Musical JoyFest: Fund-Raising for Leh Relief Operations

To support the Leh-Relief Operations being done by Pragya - an award-winning NGO which has been working in the Himalayan region since last two decades in the areas of livelihood, medicinal plant, environment, solar energy, etc., the Bodhi-Tree Band of XLRI is anchoring an inter-school musical evening.

Passes are available at:
  • Bru Beck, Hotel Boulevard, Bistupur
  • Durga Store, Dhatkedih
  • Pioneer Store, Bistupur
  • Wasawa Singh, Bistupur
  • XLRI, CH Area (East)
  • 17. Joy of Giving Week @ Baug-e-Jamshed

    Baug-e-Jamshed is our school of tiny-tots in Jamshedpur, who too, like last year, participated in the Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week.

    We received this mail from Mrs. Dotivala, the Principal of the school

    "We are participating with you in the Joy of Giving week. Although our children are very small - only 3-5 years old - we have already had some activities. On Monday we had Sharing Joys of Reading Day, On Tuesday we had a Collage Making Day and we plan to share the collages with The CHIC centre, on Wednesday we had Joy of Sharing Music and Movement with the children and Mothers.

    We are also collecting clothes and grains which should come in by the 4th of October.

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    16. Children's Day @ XLRI

    Yesterday, a contingent of chirpy, bubbly kids from the less-resourced schools visited XLRI. They came, danced ("zooby-zooby" being the favourite number:), painted (such amazing talent!), were served food by our students, went into splits watching "Tom & Jerry" cartoons

    They pestered the didi's and bhaiya's - otherwise called the "students" (who too enjoyed being "pestered" :0)

    In our own ways, we all - from XLRI, and our tiny visitors - experienced the Joy of Giving our time to each other, making it a memorable day

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    15. Tribal Cultural Society celebrates "Vastra Samman"

    The first installment of "Vastra Samman", one of the key initatives of Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week 2010, was dispatched this (Sept 28th) morning.

    Members of Tribal Cultural Society, Tata Steel collected and flagged off the first contribution of clothes to interior tribal villages of Jharkhand, which are inhabited by the Birhor and Savar tribes.

    Over the next two days, TCS will be contributing clothes to about 90 households in the 4 villages of Chhota Banki, Patipani, Dhol Kochha and Dongagaral.

    14. Visit to Nirmal Hriday - "Giving" is "Receiving" too!

    Yesterday - Sept 26th - a group of students from XLRI visited Missionaries of Charity - Nirmal Hriday... a home for those "left-behind" (by their families, society and history) children and the elderly.

    They spent the afternoon with them - sang, danced, shared stories (and sweets and chocolates, which they had carried), played games - or just "be" with them... talked with them, listened to them...

    Last year too - as a part of the Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week Celebrations - some of the XLRI students had gone and visited them.... and one of them (who graduated earlier this year) had written a beatiful note after that, which is worth reading - actually, highly recommended!:
    The Joy of Giving - what price happiness?

    Just a few hours of "giving" time... and so many memories, smiles and blessings to remember/cherish/carry for a life-time - and the learning that when we "give", we also "receive"!

    13. Joy run to start giving

    Jamshedpur, Sept. 26 (The Telegraph): The much-talked-about Joy of Giving Week whizzed off to a high-adrenaline start in the steel city, as XLRI director E. Abraham flagged off a bike rally to announce its launch.

    But the bikers — all students of XLRI — not only created awareness about the Week, they also distributed clothes and sweets on the way, finally stopping at Nirmal Hriday, the old-age home at Baradwari.

    The Joy of Giving Week aims to bring together Indians across the country and abroad through acts of giving — money, time, skills or resources. Launched in 2009 by Mumbai-based NGO GiveIndia, it involved corporate houses, schools, colleges, the media, celebrities and NGOs to engage in various activities to help people. In Jamshedpur, XLRI has taken the reins of the week the second consecutive time.

    Apart from the bike rally, the inaugural day of the weeklong social responsibility programme saw a busy day. Rural women’s self-help groups were trained on basic accounting skills at city NGO Kalamandir.

    XLRI students involved around 10 schools to take up social causes by participating in a Design for Change contest. The contest, which invites young minds to brainstorm on social problems and come up with innovative solutions, saw six schools under the Kerala Public Trust, DBMS School, Gulmohar High School, Valley High School and JH Tarapore School submitting 25 project proposals on social problems that the schoolchildren planned to tackle. A 19-member jury will judge these proposals and those that make it to the top 100 proposals across India will get funding from a sponsor to continue the project.

    Last year, projects by Kerala Public School Mango, Gamharia and NML made it to the top 100 list.

    “We are required to pick up a problem, design a solution, implement it and share it with others. The schools are working on a number of problems. The projects would be implemented preferably this week. Last year, we got Rs 15,000 to continue three of our projects,” said Vijayam Kartha, director, Kerala Public School Trust.

    This year, KPS (NML) will recycle collected solid waste and plastic bottles. A few rag pickers will also be trained . Students from KPS Mango will motivate shopkeepers to keep their area free of waste, especially plastic, as part of their Clean Mango, Green Mango initiative.

    Jusco School, South Park, will adopt and rejuvenate a nursery school to educate underprivileged children of Kadma’s Bagan Area.

    In the pipeline are Vastra Samman and Ann-Daan, in which about 30 schools, Rotary Club, Tata Group companies and community organisations will participate.

    The B-School has already conducted a health camp at the Dumri Tola basti, Haludowali, organised in association with the NGO, Suryodaya National Social Welfare and Educational Academy, and provided free check-up and basic medicines to about 220 people. A nukkad natak was also performed at the Beldih Club yesterday.

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    12. Joy of Giving Week: SIGMA Activities @ XLRI

    These are besides the SHG Training which will be happening through the week

    11. Nukkad Natak @ Sun City, Jamshedpur

    The XLRI students' team performed Nukkad Natak at Sun City, Jamshedpur on Sept 26th evening, to create awareness and spread the message of "Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week" among the residents.

    The residents pledged to partner in the "Vastra-Samman" and "Ann-Daan" initiatives. The senior citizens will also participate in tree-plantation drive in the colony (sapplings were contributed by JUSCO's horticulture dept).

    the team..

    10. XLRI Students "Give" their skills: Training of SHGs launched

    As a part of "Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week", the students of XLRI Jamshedpur, partnered with the NGO Kala Mandir to launch the first round of training to the members of Self Help Group from the villages of Jharkhand on Sept 26th, at Kala Mandir's premises in Bistupur, Jamshedpur.

    During the first round of day-long workshop, 250 SHG members will be trained during this week. The training module developed by the students covers:

  • Importance of savings
  • Importance of regular meetings
  • Why loans should be taken internally?
  • Concept of Interest
  • Bank loan - Bank-SHG linkage
  • Basic Book Keeping

    This will be an ongoing program through which XLRI students plan to train 1000 SHGs over next two months

  • Saturday, September 25, 2010

    09. XLRI Students kick-off "Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week" with Bike Rally

    Students, Staff, Faculty (and kids) kicked off the Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week "Bike Rally" on Sept 26th morning. The flag-off of the Rally was done by Fr E Abraham, S.J., Director, XLRI.

    Purpose: to create awareness about the week around the city, and distribute clothes and sweets on the way...

    08. Launch of Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week @ Beldih Club

    Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week was launched this evening at Beldih Club, with Nukkad-Natak performed by the XLRI students

    Awesome Performance!!
    The "Nukkad-Natak" team!!... kudos!!

    07. Health Camp: Run-up to "Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week"

    As a run-up to the start of the Jamshedpur JoyFest: Joy of Giving Week (Sept 26-Oct 27, 2010), XLRI students with medical degrees, along with senior doctors from the Tata Steel, conducted a free medical camp if the Dumri Tola basti, Haludowali, Jamshedpur this morning. The team was lead by Dr PC Mahapatra, Head Familty Initiatives & Health, Corporate Sustainability Services.

    The health camp was organised in association with the NGO, Suryodaya National Social Welfare and Educational Academy, and provided free check-up and basic medicines to about 220 people.